Monday, August 15, 2011

For The Love Of Dairy


I heard T. Collin Campbell (author of the deeply flawed "China Study"), on Bill Maher's Real Time earlier this month: (link here, at 4:40)
"We're the only species that I know of that drinks the milk of another species"

Well yes, that is correct.  We ARE the only species who drinks the milk of several other living species (cows, goats, sheep, soy beans, almonds, camels and lama in some places).  Perhaps it's those opposed thumbs, that make milking another species possible?  Perhaps it's the large cerebral cortex that humans have used to devise, think up and build pens / stables / barns to hold their live stock, containers to carry the milked liquid, and science to implement sterilization / pasteurization techniques?  We are the only species who enjoy artisan cheeses, delicious yogurts, succulent ice cream.  Yes T. Collin Campbell and Bill Maher, we are the only species who enjoy dairy, and I am glad and proud to be able to enjoy it.  Many things humans do are despicable, but enjoying dairy, is not in any way, despicable.

When I hear people say "don't eat dairy, it hurts the world carbon balance" I want to ask them 'how long they've been part of the Taliban'?  The Taliban would love to be back in the 13th century, with women covered from head to foot, women un-educated, men semi-literate at best, in a subsistence agrarian economy practicing Sharia law and harvesting opium.  Sure, the Taliban leadership, like Al Qaeda leadership, would still like their cell phone and porn, but for the 'common man' under their gray modular iron thumb, the nice things we enjoy in life would be forbidden, undiscovered, or part of the 'evil west / great satan'.  Having a carbon foot print is part of modern life.  Sure, I don't open my windows and run my air conditioner all day long, that would be wasteful and stupid, but I am not going to live in 105F ambient Phoenix in the present day and NOT use ANY air conditioning.  I love dairy, and I am going to eat my dairy.  Others do not have to eat any dairy if they so choose... but don't try and take my dairy away or criticize my consumption of it.

In this same vein, I heard a David Was story on NPR (link here) at the beginning of the month about Was's adventures in pool care.  It was a little silly, and showed the folly of a record producer not knowing enough basic science to take care of his own pool, which amused me.  But the "Thursday listener comments" that NPR aired excoriated David Was, for his 'lack of regard for the environment' and what 'impact he had on the world'.  Really?  David Was is a successful recording artist / executive who lives in the LA area, and he owns a pool.  People aren't supposed to own pools anymore?  Not every pool can be converted into a Salt Only pool.  Many, like mine, are designed to be used with Chlorine. Not able to own or use a pool. Ride your recumbent eco-friendly bike to work. Don't eat dairy, it'll hurt the environment.  No thanks.  Why don't you move to Afghanistan instead - many in Pashtunistan share your minimalist view... though they do drink curdled yak butter tea throughout most of the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, from what I've read.  ;-)

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  1. T. Colin is an idiot. I guess he's never heard of cats. I have personally witnessed cats drinking cow's milk. They are far too clever and lazy to do all that dairy farming themselves, so they let us do it for them.

    Any argument that starts with "we're the only species that...." is probably best ignored. There are 40 kajillion things we're the only species to do, including earning a good living spouting rubbish in books.


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