Monday, August 8, 2011

The Sloan Bowl Turbulator

When Dr Desert Flower and I visited Vegas last month, the hotel in which we stayed was equipped with ultra-low-flow toilets.  Turns out, all modern construction in Vegas is supposed to have extremely water conservative bathroom fixtures, as Vegas consumes much less water per-capita than you'd think (link here).
These ultra-low-flow pressurized flush system can 'scare the cr*p out of you' if you are not prepared for the loud sound, the high pressure WHOOSH!!!! and the collateral spray that splashes up out of the bowl when the flush handle is activated.  The Bernoulli suction created is, to say the least, not negligible.  The Flushmate's brochure (link here) states the "Drainline Carry Performance" is twice as far at 60ft, than the standard 1.6 GPF's 30ft - so it SHOOTS everything DOWN the drain doubly far.  And, the Flushmate uses '20% less' water than the standard 1.6 GPF models, but with all that extra space in the tank, I think it's MUCH less than 20%, perhaps as low as 50% as much. 

If you recall, last year in September I mentioned using the other extreme of Bernoulli, to avoid having to utilize a plunger (link here).  (that page is STILL one of the most frequently visited on the blog, perhaps illustrating that many people are 'full of it' - LOL!).  The Flushmate takes the pressurized line flushing concept to the opposite end of the spectrum, with close to 60 psi (or almost 4 Atmospheres) of working pressure.  Yikes!  And major WHOOSH!!

If you think I exaggerate the intensity of this sound, see the attached video below.  Don't bother with a courtesy flush, unless you want an unwelcomed spritzing as well. Don't stumble into the rest room in the middle of the night 1/2 asleep, and flush this mechanism for the first time without being startled by the loud and unexpected noise. And make sure the lid is completely closed before flushing, unless you want your knees and shins and feet lightly misted as well (ew!).

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