Friday, August 12, 2011

Female PhD Equals Male BA

Tip of the hat to Dr Desert Flower and Pharyngula for highlighting this depressing fact.  I mean, I've got my Y chromosome just like PZ Myers does, but as Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce recently published "The College Payoff: Education, Opportunity, Lifetime Earnings.” (summary link here) it paints a dismal picture for 51% of the human population in regards to earning potential, discrimination in the work place, under-appreciation, lack of satisfaction and abundant frustration.


  1. The stats need to be normalized based on what the subjects that degrees are in. I bet that men tend to have degrees in subjects that pay more. Whether that is because "men rule the world", or it is other factors that cause engineering, MBA's, and accounting to pay more than english, history, teaching, etc I dunno. But it is nowhere near as dire as, quote "women have to have a Phd to make as much as a man with a BA". Bullshit! (btw the stats are for Bachelor's which include both BA *and* BS, and a BS in general makes more than a BA, but whatever...)

  2. Knucklesplitter, I have to cordially disagree with you. In my 2 dozen years in industry, in both LARGE (multi-national) and small (less than 12 people) corporations, I have personally seen where women with equivalent degrees and experience are compensated less than men. I HAVE ALSO seen the rare case where an under-qualified, less-than-competent woman is compensated more than her male counter parts (or [sometimes] her male superiors) but this is rare.

    I am just one guy, in a vast sea of 3+ billion guys, but in the 11 different companies for whom I have worked for in my life, and the 8 companies my wife has worked for in her life, usually, the statistics above are accurate. Granted, n=19 is a small data set, but from a personal stand point, I cannot refute Georgetown University's findings.


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