Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out of the Wisconsin Grandma's Cold, Dead Hand

The "Wisconsin Fist" has a whole new meaning recently, as Washburn County sheriffs, alerted by a US Postal Courier (yeah, that nosy, Unionized, inefficient US post office, what do we need them for?) found Michael Egan, 65 years old, dead in his home.  The mail carrier noticed the mail wasn't being picked up... and alerted the sheriff. (link here)

That's a nice story, and it reinforces how government does some things much better than the private sector ever could - like mail delivery & noticing subtle changes over time (in which there is little or no profit).  But what is really creepy, and revolting, is that Michael Egan had been soaking some kind of embalming or disinfecting solution in rags, and laying those rags on his mother's corpse, which he kept on his couch, covered in plastic, so that she would not decompose too much. EW! EW! EW!!!  Ostensibly, authorities believe the son did this in order to continue collecting his deceased mother's social security checks.. 

Talk about unresolved mother / son issues!   Yeech!

I wonder if Egan voted Democrat, or Republican?  And if his mother was registered to vote by mail, how did he vote for her in 2008 & 2010?  (the coroner said she'd been dead for several years)

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