Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Turning Back - The Sherbs

My freshman year college room mate, John L, had this Sherbs album.  I heard this song (the "hit single" from the album) ad nauseum that year in our dorm room.  When I heard the BBC news caster this afternoon say there was "no turning back" in Libya for Gaddafi's regime... this is the first word association that came to mind.

Bahrain opposition is taking note of Libya?  Well... the Bahrain monarchy is allied with the oil rich Saudis and never tried to assassinate members of the Saudi family as Gaddafi did.  So it really doesn't matter.

Syrian citizens are taking note of Libya?  Yes, well, the Assad regime is still being well funded by oil rich Iran, and shows no signs of stopping it's brutal and violent crack down on protesters all around the Assyrian empire.

The puppetry will continue, in its brutal, well funded, media-suppressed function, until the citizens are cowed into submission or killed. There's "no turning back" - and that's the W0RD.

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