Friday, August 5, 2011

Poker Face Storm Troopers

It's been a good day today.

And I am glad I don't have to wear a plastic armour exoskeleton in this heat....


  1. This "Happy" feeling was before the credit ratings agencies - who got the ENTIRE housing bubble COMPLETELY WRONG rating CRAP as AAA - downgraded the US Federal government from AAA to AA. Talk about sour grapes and trying to proclaim one's self importance & relevance in the world. Ugh.

    But you know what? The short sighted, selfish, myopic, simple minded tea baggers are getting exactly what they SAY they want to avoid. "A downward slide to a third world country" - yep, reduce a country's ability to borrow responsibly, and you'll fulfill your prophecy, dumbasses.

    The first time there's another war, or a natural disaster, or plague, or a world crisis AND there's a restrictive "national debt constitutional amendment" in place, and the US can't get any money to borrow, and home owners like me have our credit even further tightened, I hope all the tea baggers can sleep well at night knowing how many American lives they cost with their ideology.

    Good luck with that, tea baggers of Dumbphuckastan.

  2. I'm not a financial expert by any means, and I'm not looking to criticize your thoughts at all, but I am interested to know why you think the US shouldn't be downgraded. I live in NZ, so to someone like me it seems logical that a risky economy is graded accordingly. It's not in any of our interests for the US economy to collapse, and i hope it doesn't, but leaving the grading at AAA would only make a mockery of the ratings. I was surprised it was that high in the first place.

  3. Joanne, I am not a financial expert either - though I have several friends who are, and who follow this blog from time to time. While I am not happy about the downgrade as it will make my life as a home owner harder, make credit less available, and borrowing more difficult across my nation, I understand WHY it was done and I do not entirely disagree with the downgrade.

    I do think the ratings agencies are clueless in general. S&P and Moody's both rated worthless corporate debt as AAA right up to the bursting of the housing bubble in 2008. Now they struggle for relevance in the financial world (look at me! look at me!! We're important over here at S&P!!!).

    But what really gets under my skin are the Tea Partiers - basically, they're like the NZ National Front on steroids, except at their core they would not be happy with just shrinking government, screwing over of indigenous peoples, and white christian rule, but would prefer a plutocracy ruled by corporate elites, like their billionaire patrons the Koch brothers. A VERY vocal minority of the extreme right with disproportionate representation and voice in government.


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