Thursday, August 25, 2011

What To Wear To Cabelas

Last weekend, Dr Desert Flower wanted to get a pair of good hiking shoes, so she could keep up with me on mountainous hikes, and my recent inventory of ammunition showed that the last trip to the shooting range depleted most of the hand gun ammo.  DDF said she even had a "10% off the entire purchase" coupon, that expired last Sunday for Cabelas, so I acquiesced to go to the gigantic sporting goods store.

I was in a rather adversarial mood last Sunday, so I donned my nicest Barack Obama T-shirt, and my old NRA hat, and we drove through the 115F heat to Glendale.  The last time I was there, customers were buying ammo so fast off the shelves, that Cabelas employees cut literally barely keep the shelves stocked.  .38, .44, and .45 shelves were particularly bare, and I watched one stocker putting boxes on the shelf that were instantly snatched up by red-white-and-blue wearing, anti-Obama-ites.  Many had birther shirts on, or "from my cold dead hands" wear, or "No Mosques! No Sharia Law!" misguided & hateful slogans emblazoned on their hats, shirts, jackets or tattoos, if they were not wearing camouflage.  I wanted to see if any of these members of Dumbphuckastan would try and pick a fight with me, or obstruct me in some passive aggressive way.

None of them did pick a fight, but I had several Arizona red necks read my shirt and scowl when they found it didn't contain any hate speech or negative message.  At least one of them (I think) mistook the crossed "O" in "Obama" as a "cross-hair", which he almost pointed a finger towards reflexively, before he lowered his mock pistol.

I did notice one Asian man and one Hispanic man in the store see my shirt, read it, and smile broadly, nodding to me - happy to see that they were not alone in not despising a President who has NO INTENTION of taking ANYONE's legal firearm.  All the unsubstantiated hype the NRA has drummed up against the Obama administration has been GREAT for ammo prices and gun sales, but it has not a single thread of truth to it, unless of course you are a shell buyer for Mexican drug cartels, or you're trying to buy fully automatic weapons, or explosives.   Then, yes, the ATF is interested in you.

I am happy to report I was able to find and purchase made-in-America ammunition to replenish my depleted supplies at very reasonable prices, competitive with Serbian, Romanian, Czech and Chinese ammo of the same caliber and powder grains.

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