Monday, August 15, 2011

Human Powered Wave Pool

Last week, I experimented with a new technique in the pool that I like to call "Human Powered Wave Pool".  It was partially inspired by the lack-luster "wave pool" that Madalay Bay had, and partially from the Easter 2010 Earthquake that Dr Desert Flower and I witnessed last year, combined with the Need to elevate my heart rate several times a day to keep mellitus at bay while raising my HD cholesterol, all at the same time.  I found that it's really very easy to create semi-contained pool waves that are large enough to slosh out by using one's entire mass to bob in and out of the water, generating an extremely rough sea that even Peter would not try to walk upon to meet his saviour. That's just a matter of jumping as high as one can in the 5 foot deep end, and generating 2 to 3 foot waves.  Simple.

But what is harder to do, is to generate substantial waves NOT using one's abdomen's and legs' mass, using upper body (arm and shoulder) motions only.  This takes substantially more effort, and is a significant aerobic work out.  The wave generation is a visible outward sign of effort exerted - sure it is somewhat futile, BUT, (for me at least) it is better than a gym work out on Nautilus machines.  I don't have to drive there, or wipe off anyone elses' sweat, or use a locker for my car keys, or wait for a machine, or have to deal with posturing d.bags who are trying to impress those around them, or pay a membership fee, or go only when it is open.  Nope, its just me and the hummingbirds, the dwindling yellow paper wasps, the hungry striped lizards, and a robust aloe / lavender / palm tree population, any time I want to, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  We get along just fine, and it works well.

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