Thursday, August 4, 2011

Parallelogram of Disappointment

It's a good thing that when I watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report on DVR each evening before bed, that I am typically sipping a digestif, and mellowing out to be able to fall fast asleep after the show. That way, I don't get upset, or enraged at the stupidity, greed, hypocrisy and slide to becoming a third world country that Jon Stewart and his amazing writers highlight 4 nights a week.  Last night, it was Finnegan's 8 year whiskey - leftover from the Vegas trip (so it was well traveled whiskey).

What Really got me last night, was Diane Sawyer's Parallelogram of Disappointment.  Very very sad.  All that haranguing, wasted effort and time, and we (the American people) get a tiny, minuscule, think slice of national debt reduced while adding no, none, nada, rein, pas de toute, nichts, zero new revenues on the wealthy who can afford to pay more.  Insane. 
That tiny little black wedge... that's the projected reduction of what was signed into law this week.

How big is the actual national debt now?  Here's an old calculator (link here).

How much do the Bush Tax Cuts add to the national debt?  Nice resource here (link) that includes Heritage Foundation (those Liberals!) economist analysis as well.

I am sick and tired of  narrow minded, selfish, fact-impaired, rich, tea baggers who think all there is a shortage of boot straps and motivation, and who are willfully ignorant of how their patrons the Koch brothers are using them all the way to the bank in the Cayman Islands.  All the "I got mine, screw you buddy!" vocal minority of the general US population.  You can't judge all the Germans by the Nazis, all the Italians by the Fascists, all the French by the followers of La Pen, or all the Americans by the tea baggers.  Then why do the media and the Republicans pay so much attention to these fools and kowtow to them?

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