Thursday, August 4, 2011

Café De Koe

If you're ever in Amsterdam, near Leidse-plein, and you want a delicious, friendly, inexpensive, authentically Dutch meal, and you are tired of the poor quality tourist fare offered in the square, we recommend Café De Koe.  Web link here (link). 

It's a local bar & restaurant, that a bar tender at the Lux Bar mentioned to us.  We went there,and found the menu was all in Dutch - in which we are not fluent.  No worries though, most of the menu was written on the SPECIALS board in chalk, and our waitress was fluent in English, and very patient with us.  We had a nice bottle of white wine.  I had some wonderful north sea white fish, and Dr Desert Flower had a pasta carbonara dish.  The atmosphere was friendly.  The food was high quality, delicious, plentiful and we had a wonderful dinner for less than 40 Euros. 

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