Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Truth In Advertising?

Is there Truth In Advertising?  If so, I learned some really new and valuable new things from watching the Super Bowl ads this year:
Pepsi Max - if your girl friend is a controlling b*tch, drink Pepsi Max

Doritos - has some very obsessed, creepy fans

Bud Light - mediocre American beer has tons of Advertising dollars

Chevy Silverado - the truck is sentient, and some ranchers can speak "horn language"

Vin Diesel + The Rock + Bikini clad babes in Rio = huge box office potential for the < 25 year old male segment

Pepsi Max - has no carbonation in it, since it does not fizz when shot out of a cooler

Doritos - can reincarnate  the dead (grandpa's ashes, fish, plants)

Kia Optima - Kia needs to spend less on advertising extremes, and more on car quality

Brisk Eninem - I am not the target audience, I ignored it

Bridgestone -  helps those who hit REPLY ALL

Ram Trucks - you need more than one, since there are "strength in numbers"

Budweiser Bar Cowboys love to sing Elton John songs

Michael Bay  cannot resist blowing things up, or Transformers, again

Coke - gives animated dragons terrible reflux

Career Builder - best used if you work with idiot monkeys

Carmax - Understand simile like my 8th grade English teacher Mrs Buxton did.

Go Daddy - Joan Rivers confuses young men

1/2 time show - if I was deaf, I would have appreciated the over-the-top light show & ninja drum majors.  Sound sucked.  Maybe they got the Beijing Olympics choreographer?

Cars.com - nice analogies

Homeaway.com - test baby is creepy & funny

Hyndai - has the same problem Kia has

Adrian Brody loves mediocre Euro Bud, Stella Artois

Chysler - indignant, but your product quality still is lacking

Beetle - Bam Ba Lam, Black Betty. Very cool commercial, I look forward to seeing the new Beetle.

Camero - inane and randomly misguided commercial.  Sad, because I might have actually been interested in seeing a Camero

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