Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mubaraked, verb

I've seen several interweb stories of how the verb "Mubarak" has entered the Egyptian Arabic lexicon (links here, and here) but they only concentrate on "over staying one's welcome", as in "Have your in-laws Mubaraked?"  What they do not mention, are the other definitions of "Mubarak" that have not yet entered Merriam-Websters, or, or other places, but yet are intrinsically linked to the now deposed dictator's reputation.  So let me be the first one to present the other definitions:

Mubarak - verb  ( محمد حسني سيد مبارك‎)  slang
[moo-bahr-uhk]1) To fail to get the hint, regardless of how obvious it may be2) To farcically outstay one's welcome3) To brutally oppress one's people, using networks of corrupt police forces, informants, and torture, denying them open elections and basic human rights for a period of 30 years or longer.  Used in a sentence, for example: "Ahmadinejad ( محمود احمدی‌نژاد) and the Guardian Council ( شورای نگهبان قانون اساسی ) have Mubaraked the Iranian people".4) To make vain, desperate, futile attempts to look younger than you really are, while being a septuagenarian or  octogenarian, eg: dying one's hair. 
5) To have the goal your whole adult life of installing your first born son in the seat of national power (as every despotic dictator does) from which you've ruled as a billionaire, only to have it dashed away by millions of protesters from your unemployed, under-developed, secular country, deposing you and sending you into exile.

6)  To play Democratic and Republican American Presidents for the myopic fools they really are, from Reagan to Obama, to get Billions in military aid, while maintaining a posture of non-aggression towards your strong, well armed, but out-numbered, Jewish neighbor to the East. (also see "To Hoisni" as a synonym for "to hose").

So yes... there is the failing to get the hint and over-staying one's welcome, but those tell only one part of the story.  Hosni was not an obstinate idiot his whole life.  He played the Israelis, Americans, Saudis, Hammas, and Europeans quite well.  Raking in billions in tourist dollars and foreign military aid, torturing thousands of people, and stashing away a Bill Gates sized fortune.    

Hopefully a Democratic Secular state will come into being, like Turkey, but better, now that Mubarak's autocratic rule has ended, and no military coup or Fundamentalist Islamic state will take hold.  Il faut voir:   يجب أن نرى 

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