Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mechanic's 2011 Version

While I was stuck in Pennsylvania on business, I watched The Mechanic late one weekend night.  Jason Statham does his usual "professional, silent & deadly" personae.  I'd not seen the Charles Bronson 1972 original Mechanic (link here)... but I am curious how they compare.  Ben Foster plays an unlikeable character, counter balancing his previous role in The Messenger, which nearly had me in tears when I say it last year.  He was so unlikeable in the Mechanic, that he reminded me of the idiot Jesse in Breaking Bad. 

A high body count - most of them body guards or assassination targets - and a predictable ending, but not a terrible movie.  Not terrible that is, to see alone, or with guy friends - I know Dr Desert Flower had no interest in seeing it.

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