Monday, February 7, 2011

It's All About Timing, With Wine Purchases

I am staying in upstate NY near the finger lakes, at a small hotel, that is next door to a "bottle shop".  It's a anti-French bottle shop actually, in that they carry bourbon, vodka, cordials, but no Cognac whatsoever.  The other evidence of anti-French sentiment is a $10.49 2002 Pomerol.
Chateau Trotanoy 2002 Pomerol, and a 99 cent cork screw, with tax, less than $13.  Wow.  What an unexpected and delicious delight!!!  They also had a  Margaux that I bought in France back in 2000 from the same Chateau for $10, selling  for $65.    The Pomerol bottles had YEARS of dust layered on them.  Well worth the 1/2 block walk in a blowing snow storm.  (though it was in the 70s all weekend in Phoenix and I did yoga poolside each day while there).

Since I had only carry on, I will likely be stripped of my cheap cork screw Friday at the Albany airport, but before I leave for Albany Wednesday night, I am stopping at the shop and buying the last 2 dusty Pomerol bottles they have, and give one as a gift to co-workers in Schenectady.  $10.49 for a Pomerol!  Wow.  Delicious.  Serendipitous.  It is all about timing.

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  1. Turns out, this was ACTUALLY a $85 Pomerol, placed in the wrong area on the shelf. When I returned on Wednesday after work to buy two more of them, the shop keeper had correctly re-aligned the bottles. I bought 2 other bottles that were under $20, and enjoyed one of them the rest of the week (a Bothschild Bordeaux Superior) and gave the other as a present to a visiting French manager (a Montagne St. Emillion).


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