Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bieber Fatigue, not Bieber Fever

I am getting tired of hearing about the Bieber kid.  I don't have "Bieber Fever", I have "Bieber Malaise" or "Bieber Fatigue".  It's bad enough that his petty and mean-spirited fans showed what sore losers and sad non-humans they are when they defaced the Wiki entry of the truly talented and lovely "best new solo artist" Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding earlier this month.   Bieber Fans don't "play hard ball", they're just petty little kids with a mis-guided sexual fixation.  Sort of like adult Republican men are, with Sarah Palin.

So I spent a few minutes of my life, listening to Justin Bieber's much bragged about drumming skills this afternoon.  Well, the kid is average for a 3rd or 4th grader.  He's not progressed much since his debut 9 year old premier video days.  He thinks he plays "fast" but he exhibits no stick control, no discipline, little understanding (or demonstration) of rudiments, sloppy technique, and a lack of a mature playing style.  "What do you mean??!!?!?!? Justin is awesome!!!!" - no, he's not awesome, as a drummer.  And as a performer, well, I give him to he reaches 21 before he implodes on his own overly inflated ego and image, due to a lack of a solid "Mozart Like" musical foundation.  Yeah, Mozart didn't make it much longer than that, but he had more talent in his pinky fingernail than Bieber has in his whole little boy body.

If you want to know what good stick control and drumming technique are, you can look here, here, and here, at DCI amazing talents Mike Bierek, Makana Sylva, and Ian Pacheco - though Ivan is somewhat of a show off, and that's not my preference.

"But Justin plays a WHOLE Drum Set!!!" .. yes, he does, in a very mediocre way.  I'm very unimpressed, and distressed that the sheep-like masses think he's so awesome when there's little-to-no substance there.  I watched as my own son passed Bieber's minimal level of play before he got to 8th grade.  Today, my son could teach Bieber and his irrationally devoted fans clinics on improving their drumming technique substantially. If you'd like to see (and hear) what good drum set technique is, listen to Moby Dick (link here minimalist, building, with supreme control) and the Professor on the drumkit, in a YYZ spliced montage (link here). 

Longer version (10 mins) of Moby Dick, here, including hand drumming, and video of Bonham's son playing drums with him =)

Examples of  Justin Bieber's lack luster drumming performances:
Justin Bieber Live Drum Solo at SIRIUS XM, link here
Stumbling, high sticks, no control, any 3rd or 4th grader could do, link here
Yawn, link here (start at 2:40 mark)

And these link above, are after this "younger" video done at age 9, here
As you can see, he hasn't progessed much at all.

If anyone has a differing opinion about young Justin, as to why he's the best thing since the debut of the double base drum pedal in regards to drumming, I welcome your comments, and look forward to discussing what aspects I may have missed - but I don't think I've over-looked anything.  I'm not a "hater", I just keep my facts in perspective.  =)

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