Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reeses Pieces

I was surfing the interwebs yesterday, and stumbled across this funny image.  The lovely Reese Witherspoon, and without it as well.  =P   I'd never seen this image before - I'm a little behind the curve.  I thought Ms. Witherspoon was great in Walk The Line. That wonderful film actually made me forget the wince and shudder causing reactions the Legally Blond films caused me. Not that I ever sought out the Legally Blond films, there was just a period of time several years ago where they were on ubiquitously in every hotel room I ever stayed in, but thank goodness that time has passed.

In the same spirit of language oriented juxtaposed fun, I also stumbled upon the work of Jason Bergsieker.  If you like the Arch drawing below, check out his Flicker page, here.  Enjoy =)

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