Monday, February 14, 2011

Poolside Is Better Than Bedside

I got home late Friday night (almost Saturday morning) after discovering how Continental Airlines doesn't know how to run a fleet of ATR turbo prop commuter flights.  My flight out on February 7th gave me a feeling of foreboding, when my Cleveland to Upstate NY flight was the only one NOT delayed in the exiled "D" terminal in Cleveland.  When I got to the airport Friday afternoon on time, and found my return home flight's turbo prop was late in arriving, and then had indeterminate maintenance problems, I knew I was in for a long return trip. 

I'd just spent a week in Upstate NY hotels, doing yoga each day before work on a towel laid out on the floor next to the bed.  Couldn't take my mat, since it doesn't fit in carry-on size limited luggage, and Continental and United are both sticklers about "1 piece of luggage + 1 personal item", and a yoga mat would have been 2 personal items along with my laptop.  While doing yoga in the mornings DOES give one the pleasant virtual company of Mika Brzezinski on "Morning Joe", it lacks the vitamin D producing sunshine and lovely view of my back yard, poolside.  And besides, my girl friend Anna seems apparently fascinated by watching me do yoga beside the aloe from her Ocotillo or bare branched Mulberry perches whenever she is not busily drinking from the blossoms.  Mika doesn't even know I exist - LOL.

So all in all, after 2 weeks in rural Central PA, and one week in Upstate New York, followed by 3 afternoons at home, I'd much rather do yoga at home, poolside, in the sun, than on a towel or towel-and-yoga-mat while on a business trip in a hotel.

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