Saturday, February 12, 2011

Delicious Crooked Sky Duck Eggs

After a third week traveling on business, eating mostly commercially available salads and airport franken-foods, it is nice to come home to my own kitchen, and make some high protein eggs from Crooked Sky Farms (link here).  The duck eggs they sell at the Central Phoenix Farmer's Market for $6 a dozen on Saturday are wonderful, nutritious, and tasty (link here, although what the duck is FED will largely dictate what the test results come out to be, so like anything else, take these test results with a grain of salt).

Crooked Sky Farm's duck eggs need no salt whatsoever (in my opinion) but I have taken to putting a pinch of anti-oxidant rich black pepper (NCBI link here) on my eggs - at least while eating them in the lobbies of hotels.  It never hurts to do some thorough radical scavenging  =)

I tried another farmer's duck eggs, Chile Acres (link here) and they were good too, but they are charging $7 a dozen, and appear to have a smaller operation that Crooked Sky.  It is nice to not have to single source, just in case there's a disruption in the supply chain. 

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