Monday, September 14, 2009

May they rot in prison, and never be released

Despite Dick Cheney's premature insistence of arresting Rashid Rauf, the Pakistani leader of the cell of the 4 spoiled, UK born, coddled & unappreciative, fundamentalist Muslims who were stupid enough to be persuaded to try and blow up innocents in contradiction to their sacred Quran (Surach, 18:74), the British justice system today convicted these clueless conspirators to many dozens of years of prison.

If they get a painful cancer while in prison, I certainly hope they are not let out to go to an Arabic speaking country for Ramadan. Let them sit and rot in a prison cell. They've ruined air travel for everyone, going forward. When returning from France, I used to be able to carry a 1/2 case of Bordeaux home as carry on. When returning from Mexico, Premium Tequila and 500ml of pure vanilla bottles would be in my laptop bag. No longer is that possible. All liquids must be under 3 oz? Malarkey! Ridiculous! Aggravating!

And one of the 3, Sarwar, he looks downright stupid, Neanderthal-esque, perhaps Half-Orc (or is that not Halal?). All three are douche bags. It's too bad they can't be sent to a US Super Max prison, where they wouldn't survive very long.

When the story first came out, The Scotsman ran an interview with a former Northern Ireland colonel who was the head of the bomb-dismantling detachment of the British Army who poo-pooed the whole notion of creating a liquid peroxide based explosive in a airplane lavatory that would do anything more than smell bad and make people cough, with a better chance of burning or killing the bomber (and no one else) than anything else. I read it online on the Scotsman site back in 2006, which further aggravated me with the draconian bottle restrictions that year and every year since, but after searching for an hour yesterday, I was unable to find it again - perhaps they pulled the interview from the website. Regardless, these 3 worthless little turds should never breathe air as free men again. And once again Cheney, thanks for almost blowing this whole investigation!

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