Monday, September 21, 2009

Stupid Terrorists or Planted Evidence / Diversions?

Ok, when you
  • Travel to Pakistan & train at an al Qaeda Camp, by your own admission
  • have many back packs filled with many cell phones & batteries
  • have plans on your laptop about how to construct bombs, in Arabic
  • try to rent a large truck with cash, but balk when the truck rental place tells you that he'll need to keep your IDs're either a very slow and stupid aspiring terrorist, or perhaps you're a plot device / character in a bad DJ Caruso film (Eagle Eye) who is being used as a diversion for larger fores at work.

I am listening to the talented and attractive Dina Temple-Raston on NPR this afternoon summarizing the story of federal arrests of 3 suspects (including Najibullah Zazi). I KNOW we are not safer because we've tortured people, sorry W and Cheney, all you did was inspire more wanna be's and angry young people internationally - but are these wanna be's all so very stupid? Are U.S. anti-terrorist efforts that air-tight and effective? Or maybe, Americans are now operating a little more "with their eyes open"? Probably a combination of all of it. I don't know.

Had the truck rental store employee just rented them a truck for cash without the threat of holding their IDs, there would probably have been a huge explosion with many deaths in NY or Denver or somewhere in-between. If these dolts were not trying to do something nefarious, then they're really stupid, and have wasted inordinate amounts of time of US law enforcement and counter-terrorism manpower. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the next few days.

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