Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fingerprint Ink Removal?

I got fingerprinted for my background check this morning, for the first time in my life [Thanks to Jill, Ryan, and Trac for providing references!].  Admittedly, I had never been fingerprinted before - I HAVE stood by as friends in custody have been fingerprinted with bail money in hand, and I know family members who have been fingerprinted as well, but this was my first time. ("Sir, you might want to wash your hands at this point")

Now, I have residual black ink on the periphery of all 8 fingers and both thumbs.  Google searching, I can find lots of police-supply store towelettes, but I don't want to buy something and wait for it to ship to take this off. I just want to scrub it or chemically remove it, today.  One link to an Acura users group said to use Woolite. I do like the smell of Woolite, and I used some, but all I did was get very very soapy, and dry out my hands' skin.  My bar of Lava soap ran out some time ago, and I don't want to use gasoline or nail polish remover (organic solvent based).  My liver's already absorbed enough lifetime heptane (from Michelin Tire), benzene and 1,1,1 trichloroethylene (known as "type wash" in Chicagoland print shops, 'dry cleaner fluid' in other circles), all such nasty and potent carcinogens.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to successfully remove police-grade finger-printing ink from your own (or your kid's, or your buddy's, or a job applicant's) fingers without using something toxic, or something severe like a dremel tool or side grinder? In 10 to 14 days it'll all wear off at normal human epidermal replacement rates. but I'd rather remove it before we get too far into October.


  1. If I only had some of Ron's goose fat handy! Damn!

  2. You're not thinking outside the box. I think you should push the toxins out from the inside. Chase a couple bottles of montepulciano with bourbon and habanero wings, and your industrial-solvent-sweat the ink right off.

  3. My buddy Matt can testify to my efforts with Maker's Mark in Reno 2 weeks ago, wherein I used no mixers. Didn't sweat alot, but it Was about 20% humidity - LOL!

    I tried acetone on a cotton ball last night, and it didn't work either, just dried out my fingers some more. "It rubs the lotion on it's skin" to rehydrate aggravated dermis.

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