Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joe-Joe-Joe! (09/09/09 09:09:09)

I was in Chengdu China on September 9th, 1999, and trying to go to dinner that night with my co-workers, every restaurant was PACKED with wedding parties. We had to go to three places before anyone would let us in without reservations. The Chinese are super superstitious, and 9 (pronounced "Joe" in Mandarin) is considered even luckier than the 7 is to Westerners.

Today, as it is 2009, 9 September, and at 9:09am and 9 seconds, supposedly, very very lucky. As China is 15 hours ahead of me (and it is 9am here now in AZ), most of the well celebrated wedding party revelers are now sleeping it off.

thanks to Google, for their 09/09/09 banner this morning.

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