Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act

Thanks Max Baucus, for delivering not 1/2 a loaf, not a 1/4 loaf, but more like a Higgs boson loaf in benefiting consumers, and a wonderful back-to-school gift to the US Insurance Companies, more like a full ride 4 year scholarship with a Hummer and tutors and tutors who give hummers for Insurance Executives. Why the hell are Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, and the Dakotas dictating such impotent health care reform to the rest of the country anyway?

Link to the Reuters news release here. Thanks to JoeM: "I smell the worst of all possible outcomes (mandate, no public options, panty-waist reforms) in the wind."

This should be more accurately called the "Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act".

It took 2 months to come up with this corporate gift? Incompetent & Despicable. It should be vetoed, if it ever gets passed.


  1. Hey, he needed those 2 months to meet with all the lobbyists who funded his campaigns so they could write the bill.

  2. $700 a month, for an average American family making an average wage of $66K/yr, really? That's the best you can do Max? Where's the public option?


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