Friday, September 25, 2009

Tempranillo, Prosecco & Cava - cool bubbly

It's going to be 107F here in Phoenix this weekend - yeah, Fall, go figure. When it's really hot outside, a nice cool rosé can be both tasty and refreshing pool-side, or while floating in the pool. For $4 a bottle, it is hard to beat Fresh & Easy's Tempranillo Penrosa, Bodegas Realeza, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León. (UPC code 5 - 051379008208) Dr Desert Flower and I both enjoy this slightly bubbly, not too sweet, not to dry inexpensive Spanish rosé. It would not be surprising if we had a bottle of this before Monday arrives.

Now, I know I usually write about red wines here, but Dr Desert Flower often gets headaches from red wines, preferring whites and rosés, and especially enjoying bubblies. This includes Champagne.

But Champagne is pretty pricey here in the US, and rather than dropping $30 or $40 for a cheap bottle of Champagne (or $50 ~ 80 for a fine Champagne) , you can get a whole case of Prosecco or Cava for that kind of money. Lemme 'splain...
Say you are shopping for a bubbly for New Years, or a Birthday Party, or some other celebration or special occasion. Cava Cristalino, for $6 to $9 a bottle (at Trader Joes, Total Wine, or many grocery stores) is a delicious straw colored Spanish bubbly that's got both a fruity start and dry finish. It's good before dinner, before a concert with Friends, with a light dinner, with some cheese and fruit, indoors or out, warm ambient or cooler climes.
But Maybe Spanish vintages are not what you desire... and you still don't want to pay $30 a bottle, well try some delicious Italian Prosecco. One delicious and inexpensive one is La Gioiosa Et a Morosa, Spumante Extra Dry (UPC code 9568402591 from Fresh & Easy, all of $6). Notes of apple and mango, delicious, smooth finish. We enjoy it tremendously chez nous. And, Germans apparently love it too!

Perhaps you're not a fan of Spumante? Try the Villa Carlotti Marca Trevigiana, Indicazione Geographica Tipica, a bubbly "Soft White Wine" Prosecco (UPC code 051379008253 from Trader Joes). I disagree with the negative reviews here and here, I'm not a bubbly wine snob.

I hope this has been helpful for finding warm weather & celebratory sparkling wines that are inexpensive, and enjoyable.


  1. Negative review is only because the wine sucks at 5$. There is better stuff at TJ's for only 1$ more. And I'm not talking about a little better, I'm talking about leaps and bounds better.

    Try a bottle of the Zonin Prosecco side by side with the Carlotti and tell me if you really think that the Carlotti is good...

  2. The TJ's I go to hasn't stocked the Zonin. You're entitled to your opinion, and if you didn't like it, that's fine for you. The multiple bottles we've enjoyed here, chez nous, have each been delicious. It's a free country. If you don't like it Jeff, don't buy it again.


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