Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deficit Binge Drinking, Never Again?

After spending US Federal Treasury funds like a drunken sailor on Jaffe Rd in Hong Kong's red light district for 8 years, Republicans are so very worried about the Federal Deficit now. I remember Gingrich stating how deficits didn't matter with the American public back when Republicans dominated Congress. Now, all of a sudden, the deficit is "#1" on everyone's radar screen. Yes, it is incrementally bigger now, than it was during W's reign of plutocratic spending on the rich (tax cuts, more tax cuts, un-justified war, more tax cuts, no-bid contracts, etc).

Perhaps it's like after a night, or long weekend of binge drinking, and then saying "I'll never do THAT again"... except they waited until after they lost a national election by a wide margin to declare it?

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