Friday, September 11, 2009

Flip Flopping Family Values Conservatives!

Flip Flopping Conservatives!

"In a truly unexpected move, the Washington, D.C.-based political action committee "American Solutions for Winning the Future" (ASWF) has named Allison Vivas, President of the adult entertainment studio Pink Visual, recipient of its Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2009.

"I'm honored, and more than a little surprised, to receive this prestigious award," Vivas said. "It never occurred to me that Newt Gingrich, one of the principal architects of the conservative 'Contract with America' in the 1990's, would be willing to brave criticism from the far right of his party in order to recognize good work done on the part of an adult entertainment professional."

According to the notice from ASWF, should Vivas attend a private dinner being held on Oct. 7 at the historic Capitol Hill Club in Washington, she will "dine privately with Newt," who will then take the occasion to present Vivas with her "well deserved award" and pose for a photo with her."

Tip o the hat to Matt for this gem.

Sadly, once the ASWF realized what an awesome family value selection this was, they withdrew their award!

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  1. Monday's Daily Show should be funny.

    " Vivas said in her release that the gavel would "make for a pretty cool prop for a 'Couples Seduce Teens' episode." "


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