Friday, September 18, 2009

Los Straightjackets & SCOTS in Reno

Last night here in Reno, my buddy Matt and some friends & I went to go see Southern Culture on the Skids, with opening act Los Straightjackets at the JA Nugget casino (Sparks). It was a good show - lackluster table service from an apathetic waitress, but a good venue with adequate acoustics, front row seats adjacent to the stage's dancing area. Fun for all!

I'd never heard Los Straightjackets before, but they were intense, tight, talented, put on an awesome show - completely unexpectedly. SCOTS put on a good show as well, but I've been seeing them for 20 years now, ever since Dawg Gone in Spartanburg and Al's Pump House in northern Greenville (both venues long ago closed). 20 years can wear on a band that's never had substantial lucrative commercial success. Rick's guitar work was as high energy as always, Dave's standing drum rhythm support tight as ever but seeming a little less vivacious. Mary's bass work and vocals were a little "off game" from what I've remember in past performances in SC, NC, and AZ... she didn't put on a bad show, it just seemed that the fire was burning less brightly - I loved the gogo boots and sparkling leggings though! =)

In supporting roles they had some rhythm guitarist who didn't add too much, and a black-leather-mini-skirt-wearing 20-something dancer who invitingly danced on stage for a handful of songs. The traditional 8 Pc Box number went well, but there were several drunk myopic guys who clambered on stage along with the bevy of audience participation beauties. Rick had to scold the drunken guys and instructed them to get on their knees and beg for chicken, which was pretty funny from my center stage dance-pit vantage point.

To the Air Races tomorrow! Already off to the start of a great weekend...

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