Monday, September 19, 2011

Snugged Boot

I took this photo of Celeste's trunk, to remind myself of the one and only configuration that would enable the convertible's trunk to be fill to capacity AND allow the roof to retract without impinging upon the contents.  The black bag had the emergency road side kit.  The white canvas bag, full of DDF's shoes.  The WHite House Black Market shoebox nicely held the Glock 17, two clips, and Holsterman shoulder harness - which was completely superfluous for the trip.  Lots of people had bear spray at Teton and Yellowstone, but we didn't see a single bear.  My thought on the Glock was to fire a shot into the air to frighten the bear, but as it turns out, the boat tours on Jenny Lake in Grand Teton DO NOT ALLOW firearms to be carried on the boat.  Why the perceived "bear threat"? 
1) My father called me the day before my vacation warning of "bear attacks" at Yellowstone. 
2) The Red State dominated congress passed a law last year allowing firearms to be carried in national parks (and I was concerned we might run into a red state fanatic with several screws loose, so I packed hollow points).
3) I didn't want to spend $40 on a can of bear spray that shoots only 30 feet can be used only once.
In reality, I saw no openly carried weapons, no bears, and no screw-loose red staters who were a threat.  I DID see massive numbers of bear mace cans carried on back packs.  I was wondering if Carman's "Dawg the Bounty Hunter" was going to make an appearance.  I will likely not take the firearm on a trip again.

Celeste is a very good car, but she has a tiny little trunk that is only semi usable when packing for a week in hot & cold climates.

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