Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Free Lift Ticket?

The $60 cable car line goes 1000 feet higher (seen here).
Free is a great price.  Dr Desert Flower and I were looking at the 9000 foot high mountain next to Teton Village Wyoming where we stayed earlier this month, and saw that there was a restaurant and bar at the top of the mountain.  We looked around for lifts, and there was a "World Famous 100 person lift" that cost $60/ Huh? $60 each?  We didn't think so.  SO we walked further down Teton Village, and found a better one.  It was Free - or at least that is what the teenage young lady at the bottom of the lift told us.  Perhaps it was because it was September, and there was no ski-able snow, and the Teton Village resort wants people to go up to the top of the mountain and spend money on food and drink, we didn't know.  But it was a pleasant ride up and back. 
 The lift stopped / hesitated only once, in the ascent and once in the descent, about 1/2 way along the 5000 foot rise and 2 mile horizontal run.  It had been many years since I'd last been on a lift, and I was snapping pictures away like a little kid.   Hanging in the air over a mountain slope made both Dr Desert Flower and myself recall the US Marine jet crash near the Aviano Italy air base that killed 20 people who were in their cable car minding their own business... but the flights into Jackson Wyoming were routed no where near to the mountainside.

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