Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not So Cute Pandas, 1

I was listening to Science Friday about how researchers are looking at panda poop to see if they can find the enzymes pandas use to break down heavy cellulose fibrous plants like bamboo when they are not ruminates.  "They have the same digestive track as any other bear, but they can break down the bamboo" the Mississippi State research lady said.  Good luck to them, poking through poop... I hope they figure it out and breed lots of bacteria that can create butanol and other useful fuels. 

And in hearing all about pandas, and how cue everyone thinks they are, and having personally visited the "Panda Preserve" near Chengdu some 10 years ago to see where the Chinese breed them... I found this short video extremely funny.  If the GIF doesn't play on your computer, email me, and I'll send you a copy.  =)

(this is the first in a series of several)

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