Friday, September 23, 2011

Private Jet Owners, Congress Has Your Back

Congressional Assembly Members & Senators of the Empire, do not despair, your Lamba shuttles, Gulf Streams, and other exclusive transportation that helps separate you from the masses, avoid airport security pat downs, and maintain that awesome bubble of exclusivity in which you live, think, and luxuriate are safe from any annoying tax hikes, transfer fees, or imposed tariffs.  You, and your wealthiest supporters deserve all of the perks you can afford, and the government certainly has no place in trying to take any of your 'hard earned' dollars.

No, instead, Republican candidates for President and the leaders of the Empire's Senate minority and Congressional Assembly majority keep insisting we need to "broaden the tax base" (that's code for "tax the poor", or "squeeze those who are struggling to keep their heads' above water').  While the richest and most well funded representatives and the corporate aristocracy who fund their campaigns and insure their power base have vastly disproportionately more of the world's (much less the nation's) ability to pay, the teaming, churning, disgruntled masses can easily be convinced that your best interests are their best interests as well.   And for those who are not so easily convinced, they don't have the the money to afford body guards, live in secure communities, or drive in armoured cars like you do, so you're safe.   Do not fear.  The Republican congress has your back.

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