Thursday, September 29, 2011

Orion Weiss Impresses Again

PSO's semi-sexist program cover, featuring a few of the 1st & 2nd violinists

Dr. Desert Flower and I had the pleasure of being able to enjoy another of Orion Weiss's impressive piano performances last Saturday night.  We'd first heard him play Mozart's Concerto No.9 in E-flat back in 2009 (link here), and he was remarkable.  This time, he wowed the Phoenix Symphony Concert Hall with a moving performance of Mozart's Concerto No.21 in C major. 

There was an older gentleman one row up and across the aisle from DDF and I who simultaneously leaped to his feet along with me, to give young Mr Weiss an enthusiastic standing ovation once the final note was played.  It was beautiful to hear and see a masterful musician channel one of the world's most talented composers and pianists, pouring himself into the work.  It was quite moving. 

The Phoenix symphony orchestra did a nice accompaniment to Orion Weiss, after they played Erich Korngold's Suite from Much Ado About Nothing, which was not bad.  The Mozart concerto wowed the audience, and then intermission arrived.  We'd pre-ordered a drinky drink (the best way to avoid the RUSH at 1/2 time) that we needed to pick up at the lobby bar, so we missed Michael Cristie's interview with Orion Weiss, stage right, during intermission. 

I could not resist... lol!
After intermission, we settled in for what was billed as the main event - Igor Stravinsky's Firebird Suite (1945 version).  Now I'd heard Stravinsky on my father's installed 8-track that we played in the '66 Chevy van I drove around during High School, and when I'd been in college, I heard Tomita's Firebird Suite when I first discovered Tangerine Dream and other ambient / instrumental artists, thanks to my roommate Tom Vogler's eclectic musical tastes.  DDF was unfamiliar with the Firebird work, and was looking forward to being introduced to it. 

I have to say, that Michael Christie did some of his best work with the Stravinsky piece.  He nicely lulled the audience into a sleepy, dream-like stupor with the first half of the work, and then BAM!!! WOKE UP THE PLACE with a massive dynamic attack.  Afterward, DDF remarked that "that's the best I've ever heard them" was very good, indeed.  "Best", maybe.  Impressive? Absolutely. 

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