Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beehive or Bison Patty?

All over the picturesque state of Utah, are road signs that do not have the shape of the state on them.  Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Arizona, all of these states have the "outline" of the state imposed on their state road signs.  But Utah, uses what might be a beehive, or a large bison patty (droppings which were commonly seen all around Yellowstone National Park).  There's a possibility is some sort of misshapen breast that has a rippled, cottage cheese appearance, but with as many LDS citizens as Utah has, and how that majority has sway over affairs of state, I highly doubt it is the outline of a ripply breast.

As I look closely at this image now on screen, another possibility comes to mind: it could be a Very Well Lit tunnel, through a mountain, that was hewn with very crude and irregular tools out of relatively soft stone (such stone is ubiquitous around many parts of Utah) that is looking from inside the tunnel, out, and down the road at another tunnel entrance, father away maybe?

If it's a beehive, where's the bees? 

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