Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gluten Free Dumb

I am really starting to get tired of seeing "Gluten Free" labels on food items that in no way, shape, or form, could or would ever have any gluten on them.  Take for example, bacon.  Bacon, comes from a pig's belly - a typically fat pig's belly.  Yes, the pig May Have consumed some gluten in it's life time.  Pigs eat alot of things (Leviticus 11, 3-27 warn against them), and they turn the things they eat into delicious pig flesh.  I am a huge fan.
Duh - of course it is "Gluten Free"  
But I also paid attention in my science classes.  And I married an incredibly smart scientist.  In our home, we are "science literate".  To see "gluten free" on ANY meat product that is not breaded, or soaked in a wheat based beer, or cured in a rye whiskey, or in any way influenced, affected, or afflicted with the residues of any wheat, barley, or rye, is a clear illustration of several things:
1) The US educational system has miserably failed to train our kids to be science literate
2) Marketers prey upon the public's general ignorance and lemming / herd like mentality
3) Consumers who SEE the "gluten free" label on foods that inherently could not or would not contain gluten and then BUY them based upon that irrelevant label, should be removed from the general population and not allowed to reproduce, teach children, or hold elected office.

It would be like labeling fruit in the grocery store to say "no artificial sweeteners added" - of course not, mother nature already loaded up all the fruits with loads of natural fructose to entice animals to eat them and distribute the seeds in their excrement.  Such a label would be superfluous and misleading to the uninformed who might start to think (by way of push-marketing) that some natural fruits MIGHT contain artificial sweeteners?

Any gliadins and gluten the pig ate might have damaged its intestines (if it did not just pass through them, undigested), and the residual peptides(if they were even absorbed into the small intestine) we're metabolized, but they did not accumulate in the belly fat that became my bacon.  I know 1 in 133 people have a gluten allergy (and 1 in 3 hipsters, yuppies, valley girls, nouveau riche, Californians, and steam punks claim they do) and many governments Require the labeling on food packages, but really... is it necessary for foods that Cannot contain gluten in the first place to have to be labeled?

Just let me fry (in my cast iron skillet) and eat my Canadian maple cured, thick slice bacon in peace.  I will continue to publicly scoff and mock "gluten free" labels on food that doesn't require them, and mourn for the scientific ignorance of the North American population who fall victim to such misguided marketing.

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