Friday, December 20, 2013

Louis C.K. Oh My God

Dr Desert Flower and I watched Lois C.K.'s HBO special "Oh My God" last week, and laughed our asses off at Louis's hilarity.  Filmed in Phoenix in February 2013, it is classic Louis C.K.  Parts of the show can be seen here:  link
(caution, NOT appropriate for Children, if you have little ones around, wear head phones)

Some of the quotes that make me laugh every time I hear them:

- "the dog's got a cloudy eye, she's got a cloudy eye, they stand there looking at the street in 2 dimensions together"

- "her legs are a nightmare, they are white with green streaks"

- "he's living in 2 second increments"

- "any other kind of thing, you're in the food chain.  We are OUT of the food chain.  That is a massive upgrade."

- "another thing you have to deal with…  you get a thing in the mail that your phone is different, and your mortgage is another company now…   there's always f*cking cheetahs at the train station!"

- "embarrassed sharks"

- "grown ups aint worth the meat"

- "can you make me a fountain?"

- "cuz why not start there?"

- "this is private property" "well, I don't really believe in that"

- "a cocktail of anger and confusion"

- "like trying to get an old Honda out of a snow bank"

- "you're going to be the branch she can reach before she hits the ground"

- "1/2 bear 1/2 lion"

- "the resolution on the kid is unbelievable!"

- "of course….  but maybe…."

I did not know that Louis C.K. is actually Louis Szekely (which, to American ears, sounds phonetically like "CK").  Probably because we are close to the same age and can relate, we (DDF & I) think Louis C.K. is extremely funny.  Louis's position on marriage & divorce is not one with which we concur, but the rest of the act is very very funny.  [note, there used to be a youtube video of the entire performance, but HBO lawyers made youtube take it down, here].  

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