Thursday, December 5, 2013

Big Kahuna - Small Price

Fresh & Easy corner grocery stores sell "The Big Kahuna" wines, and they stack them right next to the cash registers.  They sell for $2.50 a bottle, on special sale, or $3 normally.  I tried one a few months ago, and was pleasantly surprised.  Good as a first bottle.  Good as a table wine.  Good for every-day wine drinking.  $2.50 a bottle is a great price for a very drinkable wine, that has adequate tannins, gives no hang-over, and even comes in an easy-open screw top so a cork screw is not necessary.  I keep several bottles in my wine rack for every-day drinking.

There's a cabernet sauvignon, a tempranillo, and a shiraz.  Bottled in Spain (Vino de la tierra de castilla) by R.E.N# 4483/MU-2 for J.Garcia Carrion L.M. SA, Daimel (Cudad Real) Spain), imported by Cornerstone, Cornona CA.  Each one is good and drinkable.  There's a chardonnay as well...  but I can't speak to that as we don't drink chardonnay in this house (intentionally).

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