Friday, December 20, 2013

Hardrock, Coco & Joe

When I was a kid, growing up in Da Region, I used to watch the Ray Rayner Show on WGN each morning.  At Christmas time, Ray would always play the Hardrock, Coco & Joe video.  I loved it!  Dr Desert Flower had never heard of this classic, so I googled it:
Looking back, I see the creepy, almost non-human depiction of "Santa" here, appearing nearly evil - not so much "jolly", but more of a WWII era Pacific Theater propaganda film genre.  I also never recalled - though hearing this dozens of times as a kid - that Santa had "no need for Joe, but takes him because he loves him so".

"I'm Hardrock,
I'm Coco,
I'm Joe"

Apparently, only Donner & Blitzen (and 4 other un-named reindeer) were necessary to pull the fully laden sleigh.  No need for 8 or 9 or a glowing nose variation in the lead.



  1. I remember it well. And, much later, Bob Sirott used to play it on his morning TV show (wfld?)

  2. thank you my friend. I was feeling a little bit like I was in a "time warp" or loop that only I remembered, since DDF was telling me she'd never heard it before, ever. I am glad I am not the only one.


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