Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fist Bump Lions Yoga Studio

The home we were renting earlier this year here in Orange County had no Southern Exposure in the backyard, so doing yoga in the Winter there had only a small 45 minute window when the entire backyard was not completely in the shadow of the 2 story peaked roofline.   While we lived there, I often drove or biked down to Dana Point and did yoga seaside, at the shore (link here) or up on the "Sea Terrace Park" concrete pad a few hundred feet higher, here -->

So when we found the house we eventually bought, I was delighted to see that there was ample southern exposure, and (as Dr Desert Flower's friend Jill, the Mistress Librarian, coined the phrase) "fist bump lions" around the pool.  The fist bump lions and numerous hummingbirds, finches, and phoebes keep me company as I do yoga in the back yard 4 to 5 times a week.  I save the gas and the 20 minute commute time down to Dana Point (or closer to an hour by bike), and instead just do yoga in the warm sun of my backyard, pool adjacent.  The spa over-flows into the pool, making a pleasant "water feature" and the water-falling noise also white-washes any background sounds, like the very distant CA73 Toll Road, a mile or so away (and about 100 feet below us in elevation).  At 330 feet elevation we don't have to worry about any meteorite (like the Apophis meteor in 2023) or earthquake caused tsunamis affecting our property, nor are we in an active "liquefaction zone" on the neighborhood map - which I found out just prior to closing that liquefaction zone risk Must Be disclosed in California by the seller.
Earlier in the afternoon, the upper deck where the table & chairs are is very sunny & a wonderful spot to put your mat.
Note BOTH Fist Bump Lions can be seen in This photo - and the calcium carbonate * calcium chloride deposits on the side of the pool's red tile has since been completely Ground Off using my new battery powered Ryobi drill.
Come visit us in California, and you can "fist bump" our lions that are pool and spa adjacent - and yes, the pool has a natural gas fired heater that can get the spa to 103F in about 20 minutes, for $2 in natural gas.  We use it several times a week, as often as we can.

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  1. ...and if you want to practice yoga in the back yard but don't want tot travel with a yoga mat, we have yoga mats, blocks, sun screen, water, and open minds to facilitate your practice. The hummingbirds and I will welcome you joining. Wear red (I wear retro red framed sun glasses, for example) and the Rufous hummingbirds will take an especially curious interest in you.


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