Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Yabber & Sons - Flat out like a lizard drinking

Some time ago in the Fall, I bought an inexpensive bottle of Yabber & Son's Red Blend, Wine of Australia.  It had to have been less than $5 a bottle, at Trader Joe's most probably.  "Flat out like a lizard drinking" it says on the back label.  "They were right.  The Yabber Brothers said it was good, but we did not know just how good.  Then we tasted it.  No wonder the wine maker is madder than a cut snake for letting us bring you this incredible wine at an unbelievable price.  Now we are all flat out like a lizard drinking & grinning like a shot fox... & maybe missing a few kangaroos in the top paddock".

Now, while I do not recall the amazing-or-not-so-amazing qualities of this wine, the label is humorous, and the back label ( "missing a few kangaroos in the top paddock") made me chuckle.  It was not horrible, I would would have remembered pouring it down the drain.  I'll need to pick up another bottle the next time I see it on sale.

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