Saturday, December 14, 2013

Glorious Laguna Sunrises

December 13th's Sunrise

One of the nice things about the short December days in Southern California, and having to wake up before dawn to go to work - and work in a home office whose window that faces East - South East, is that You Know when dawn arrives.  You've already been working for 30 minutes or an hour, and then the darkness outside begins to gradually diminish. The birds start singing to each other.  The rest of the world begins to arise.  And since it is December, there's very likely some moisture in the air over Southern Orange County, and the cloud formations enhance the sunrise even more spectacularly than the setting sun can at dusk.  I've been lucky enough to see several remarkable sunrises this month, outside my window, just 3 feet to the right of my computer monitor.
Dec 12th's Sunrise

This last week was my final full week of work this year, as I accrued substantial amounts of vacation that I've not taken.  I'll still work an occasional 1/2 day here or there in the next 3 weeks to catch up on emails and time cards and deal with those who don't plan very well...  but I'm essentially "checked out" for the rest of the year.  Circadian rhythms still have me getting up at 4am, but rolling over and going back to sleep until 7am was a wonderful experience this morning.

His Noodley Majesty the Flying Spaghetti Monster made an appearance in the sky to bless my morning, on December 12th, catching my eye.  It's been a long time since He's shown Himself to a mere mortal like myself, but I was honored to be able to be a witness to His glory.  Ramen!
FSM in the sky above Laguna Hills, December 12th 2013
I had also never seen such a small, localized, independent cloud burst in California, or anywhere else.  Atmospheric conditions with dew point, winds, and the dawn's initial solar heating to drive the distinctive "tendrils" of rain from not just one manifestation of the FSM, but 1/2 a dozen of His likenesses across the morning sky, some smaller or further away, but all with the same rain-indicative geometry.
Witnessing a glorious sunrise and being blessed with a sighting of the FSM energized my morning on the 12th, and put me in one of the best moods for a work day that I've been in all year.  I feel priviledged and honored to be able to share these images with you, the visitors to JustJoeP.  Be well.
In the center of this image, you can see a black bird flying, from the SE towards the NW.  This happens EVERY Dawn, in large murders as well as singular individuals.  EVERY dusk, the birds make a return journey, from NW to SE.  What drives this daily migration, I have no clue, but it is as repeatable as the arrival or dawn & dusk are.

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