Thursday, December 5, 2013

Château de Gourgazaud Minervois

At either Total Wine or Costco (I can't remember exactly where) I picked up a $11 bottle of Minervois, Château de Gourgazaud 2007, mis en bouteille au chateau, a few months ago.  Really delicious stuff.  Imported by Winewise, Oakland CA, this Minervois did not disappoint.  The back label says that Château de Gourgazaud is located in Liviniere, Languedoc France.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I will be picking up another bottle the next time I see it at the store.  80% syrah, 20% mourvedre, 100% delicious.

Minervois remains my "best kept, inexpensive secret".  I hope the French and the over-all marketplace continue to undervalue it, and ship lots of it to America.

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