Friday, December 6, 2013

Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz, 2009

Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz, 2009

One of Dr Desert Flower's co-workers came over and had lunch with us and hot-tubbed a week after we moved in, and of course brought wine with her.  She's a kiwi, but could not find any New Zealand wines at the local shop where she stopped, so she picked up an Ozzie wine:  Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz, 2009.  I did not know there is a fierce rivalry between Kiwis and Australians, in wine, as well in in world citizenship.  New Zealand's size and population is about as proportional to Australia as Canada is to the US, except there's about 1300 miles between the two countries of Tasmanian Sea, and instead of the 6:1 US:Canada population ratio, there's a 5:1 Ozzie:Kiwi ratio.  All the Ozzies and Kiwis whom I have met in my travels abroad and here in the US have been nice & pleasant people, and I myself was often mistaken for an Australian while I was in France 10 to 15 years ago.  But I digress...

The Jacob's Creek Shiraz (pronounced "shear-azz" by New Zealanders, not "sure-ah" as Americans say it) was pleasant and enjoyable.  I do not know how much she paid for it, but it was for sure a < $20 bottle - puts it at $15 a bottle.  Good stuff.

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