Thursday, March 8, 2012, The Snopes of Organic

I heard a nice Diane Rehm show on Monday, where they talked about Organic foods in the US.  It was an eye-opening discussion, and they frequently referred to  I'd never heard of Conucopia, so I visited the website to see just how organic some brand's eggs and dairy and produce really are.  I was shocked. 

I'd frequently mentioned Horizons "Organic" Butter here before (here and here), and had held them in some esteem.  My admiration was completely unfounded.  Horizon was bought by Dean Foods ($11 Billion in sales)  of Dallas Texas, and buys milk from non-organic producers.  They get a "zero cow" rating.  Trader Joes gets only one cow, not much better.  Ben & Jerry's gets 3 cows, so that's much better. 

For my friends in Illinois, Back To Nature (Kraft) gets a zero - not surprising from a corporate giant.
Both Lifeway  (Morton grove) and HyVee boast 4 cow ratings. 

MOO Maine's Own Organic Milk has an amazing 5 cow (the highest) rating, with very happy & healthy cows!

Arizona's local Shamrock Farms sadly gets a zero, with 1000s of cows crowded into their industrial feed lots.(which I can smell, from time to time in my backyard, if the wind blows from the wrong direction).

Eggs are rated as well.
Trader Joes of course, gets a zero, as I'd previously mentioned how Ame stirred me away from the beakless mass production of Trader Joes.  I only buy eggs now from my local farmer at local farmer's markets.  It's too bad that Kirkland Costco eggs get a zero as well.

There's a nice graphic of the US's 30 largest aggregate industrial factory farms who have adopted the "organic" disguise.  I'll be actively avoiding them, as they actively avoid being sustainable, truly organic, and ardently strive for the lowest common denominator as they advertise "Organic" and comply with the weakest regulations which they've lobbied from the best politicians money can buy.

I'll be using going forward as the debunker of Organically labeled obfuscation and BS, just as Snopes, TruthorFictionFactCheck and Politifact are used to sift through mis-information and lies.


  1. I've been to cornucopia before.... odd, I just thought everyone knew about it. Sorry!

    on that note.. here is another site I thought everyone knew about. "" .. which is a data base on the chem. content of makeup.


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