Monday, March 26, 2012

SCOTS on Isle of Palms

Dr Desert Flower, Nathan Jr, and I went to the Wind Jammer on Isle of Palms, East of Charleston SC, last Saturday night. The Royal Tin Foil were opening for SCOTS (Southern Culture on the Skids).  Nathan Jr had never seen SCOTS before, though he's heard them 100s of times on our stereo at home.  We'd never seen SCOTS on the beach, so it was a evening of firsts.

The Royal Tinfoil were a hoot!  Very silly, and very enthusiastic musicians and showman / show-women. If you ever have a chance to see them, you should take the opportunity.  The last song about Nun Whore Zombies had me laughing heartily.  Then SCOTS took the stage and played many songs off of Kudzu Ranch, and Zombiefied.  But when the crowd did not respond so enthusiastically.  they became to play more of their classics.  When they played Daddy Was a Preacher but Momma Was a Go Go Girl, Dr Desert Flower got up on stage and danced behind Dave the drummer.  Then 8 piece Box, and  she threw chicken to the audience.  But there was a new twist.  One of the fans had made banana pudding, and when they played Banana Pudding, they handed out three tupperware containers of banana pudding and wooden spoons to Dr Desert Flower and 2 other women, who fed the crowd.  It was a hoot!   Our son had a great time too, and we

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  1. I had incorrectly stated "Folly Beach". thank you DDF for correcting me via text message tonight.


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