Thursday, March 8, 2012

Powers Gold Label

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey is a good quality whiskey.  It's triple distilled, "with distinctive pot still character", established 1791, by John Power & Son.  I like it better than Bushmills, and much better than Jameson, but slightly less than Tullamore Dew.  It's smooth, and I find it quite pleasant. 

I've not seen it advertised on TV or radio or print.  It reinforces the theory I have, that on many consumer goods, the QUALITY of the good is inversely proportional to how much the manufacturers have to spend on marketing & advertising the product.  Jameson is fine, if there's no other alternative.  Bacardi Rum (which gives me a head ache), Jose Cuervo Tequila (which is ok for a margarita, but not for sipping), and other lackluster liquors push their lackluster brands relentlessly.  Really fine whiskeys speak for themselves.

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