Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rejecting Milk & Honey

At the Central Phoenix Farmer's market today, I wore my Tasty Animals PETA shirt, and as I bought some local Arizona Honey, I chatted with the friendly bee keeper.  She liked my shirt, as did the Ranchers at the Double Check free range beef (they carry lamb now too!) booth, where I picked up 5.5 lbs of grass fed, hormone free, happy cow beef for $12 per pound.  New York Strips, Rib Eyes, mmmm, protein.

I am not against anyone being a vegan, and if individuals or families choose to be vegan, or need to be out of allergic or dietary restrictions, I understand completely.  I just like to use my incisors to cut through meat, as they are evolved to do, and my molars and bicuspids to masticate the protein before I swallow it.  I'm not against eating fruits and veggies, but they often are massively carb loaded and lack the fats & protein I need that the nuts, meat, and dairy readily provide, sans carbs.

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