Thursday, March 8, 2012

Leeky Pork Loin

I bought leeks for the first time at the Farmer's Market last weekend.  I'd never cooked with leeks before, but have enjoyed them often in soups and as part of main dishes while eating out.  Having no idea exactly how to cook a leek, I asked the good Dr what her recommendation was.  "Cut them up" she shot at me as she headed off to work.  I washed them, cut off the "leafy" tops that appeared to me more like a large, tough, flat chive, and then sliced up the leeks as you see here.  They were large, almost the size of bananas.  Add in some organic baby carrots, organic portobellos, shiitakes, and sliced up red peppers, over 2 pork loins, on high heat for an hour, and then simmered for the next 8 hours, al in the slow cooker.  I thought it was delicious, as the pork "fell apart" on my fork, dripping in its own juices and the essence of the veggies around it.   Dr Desert Flower didn't like it so much, but that's fine, more left-overs for me.  It made for a hearty lunch for the next two days.

I've got one leek left... I'm thinking of sauteing it with some mushrooms and peppers... or putting it in the bottom of a soup corning bowl all chopped up, and cook some Amy's or Wolfgang Puck soup on top of it.. hmmm...  decisions, decisions.

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  1. leeks, cut into half moons, sauteed in butter. add sliced mushrooms and cook that down a bit. (depending on how you like your mushrooms). place to the side. Make an omelette. fill with mushroom, leek mixture. add cheese ( gruyere, swiss or whatever you like).

    great way to use that one random leek. :)

    multiple leeks - use in place of onions. Love it in potato leek soup. Also, in stir fry's.



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