Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Key & Peele

Key & Peele on Comedy Central are HILARIOUS!  I've been watching them this season, and they make me laugh heartily.  I heard interviews with them on NPR, and they sound like very nice guys.  Their material is very racially based, and (in my opinion) as funny or funnier than Dave Chappel.  Since both Keegan and Jordan are both mixed race, with white mothers, they straddle the line between white and black humor.  I am sure haters out there will say Chappel is/was MUCH funnier... but haters will hate.  Chappel was indeed funny, but I really enjoy Key & Peele.  I've seen their show sober, with a glass of wine, or with an entire bottle digesting in me, and it is consistently very funny.  I've caught myself laughing even at their re-runs, anticipating the next line.  I think they are very under-rated, and under-appreciated.  I'm looking forward to seeing many seasons of their sketch humor for years to come.

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