Monday, April 26, 2010

with Apricots

For my money, English Stilton with Apricots is much more tasty than Wensleydale with Apricots. Costco sells they LARGE Ford Farms cheeses, and the Wensleydale has a somewhat bitter, lingering after taste that neither I nor Dr. Desert Flower enjoys very much.

Trader Joes on the other hand, sells these wedges of English White Stilton that are marvelous. Smooth, a touch of sweetness, creamy, delicious! they also sell a "with dates" variety, but we like the apricots better.

Had you told me I'd be eating ANY cheese with fruit in it a year ago before I went low carb, I would have laughed at you. Now, it's a staple in our refrigerator, enjoyed often.


  1. you have to try the Lemon Stilton from whole foods. It's like a lemon cheese cake. yum!

  2. We don't have a Wholepaycheck that is close to us on the West Side of Phoenix. There's several on the East side - where we intend to move someday, once we are not so drastically underwater.

    We'll definitely keep our eyes open for Lemon Stilton. mmmmm. Sounds delicious!

  3. I've seen some wensleydale with cranberry here, which I would be up for with real cranberries, but was disappointed to see they use dried, then sweetened cranberries, with lots of sugar.


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