Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evolving Taste, for Cocoa

Over a year ago, I tried to enjoy 2 bars of Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate (both 70% and 85% cocoa varieties), and did not like them. They presented a bitter taste that was not enjoyable. I avoided G&B for more than a year, and then this Winter, an old friend of mine who is a devout organic vegan told me how Green & Black was delicious, a favorite, 'the best' and I thought - are you kidding me?

So I got a Target coupon in the mail for a $1 off one bar of Green & Black... and with an open mind, purchased a bar of 70% (they were out of 85%). Then, last Saturday night at Sprouts, I picked up the "Endangered Species" 72% bar. A Sprouts employee said "the better chocolate is on the other side" - referring to the G&B and Lindt & Ghirardelli in the next aisle.

After trying the G&B this week, following a 1 year hiatus and having divorced myself from a life of high carb intake, I found the G&B actually quite delicious. What I'd previously thought was bitter and unpalatable low quality, my taste buds and parietal lobes now recognize as quite tasty. The "Endangered Species" brand (with embedded espresso beans) was OK, but sort of gimmicky - nothing to write home about.

If you have tried Green & Black's organic chocolate previously, and didn't like it, don't write it off. Try again, after working yourself up into the +80% cocoa range, reducing carbs, and dropping 20% of your body weight. Just don't eat 100% baker's chocolate like my friend Zim did!

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  1. I like the 85% Lindt. By itself it is a little bitter/strong, but I put full-fat full-cream no-sugar whipped cream on it and/or dip it in peanut butter. Use no-sugar-added peanut butter for the ultimate low-carb "Reese's".


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